Get your email list on STEROIDS!

You've invested a large amount of time and money to build out a decent email list for your business.  And maybe you even have a robust email marketing channel that is consistently producing results in terms of your sales revenues.  That email list has turned into a significant asset, and one that is putting money in your pocket.  Kudos!! huge question:  are you using that asset fully?  Is it producing all that it can produce for you?

The majority of business owners and CEO's don't realize they are missing a huge opportunity to drive even more revenues with that email list.


Via a custom targeted audience with Facebook and Instagram ads!

Facebook's massive collection of interest, habits, and demographics is an insanely powerful tool.  But nothing is more effective than targeting current fans of your who are hearing from you regularly, are familiar with your brand's strengths, and are most likely to buy from you.

With Facebook's Custom Audience tool, you can merge your current email database into a new base of fans that you can create a uniquely targeted message for.  Your business can strengthen existing connections by having your brand appear in their Facebook News Feeds and Instagram Timelines.  Create custom offers, reach them with a new message, or drive them to your website or phone lines with your perfectly crafted marketing content.

Don't keep riding the brakes on your email list and be content with the returns from your email marketing.  Leverage that base with a Custom Facebook Audience and see your sales revenues take off!

If you'd  like to hear more about how easy this is, please Contact Us and we can get yours started today!


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