The GHOST customer

It's most likely that your brand is doing a great job of handling incoming traffic to your business via phone calls, clicks, or visits to your brick-and-mortar location.  You've spent countless hours and dollars investing in your image, your brand's core strengths, and the people and staff that you have in place to maximize returns.

But the fact remains, you can only affect those people that enter your funnel.  If they never enter your store, never visit your website, or never pick up the phone, then you never have the chance for your team and your brand to win them over.  

What's the single biggest factor that determines whether you get that chance:  your brand's online review strength! 

In today's digital world, a company lives and breathes by the reputation that it has established online.  But in a shocking surprise, the vast majority of brands have literally no offensive review strategy.  For most, they simply sit back and hope or pray that their customers take it upon themselves to seek out the review sites and leave glowing reviews about their experience with the brand.  I don't know about you, but "hoping" has never been a solid solution to driving sales or preserving the integrity of a brand.  An offensive, effective strategy will ensure that your brand's online reputation is strong.  And that your business isn't plagued by those "ghost customers" that never call or never show up.

The first step in strengthening online reviews is to establish a process for asking and reminding your clients or customers to leave a review.  The two most often cited reasons for not leaving a review are:

1)  It seemed to cumbersome or difficult

2)  I forgot

By setting up an email autoresponse system to periodically remind your customers how easy it is to leave a review, you can help to eliminate #2 and make a significant dent in #1.

While you can't do anything to literally "remove" a legitimate negative review for your business on most sites, if that review is buried under an avalanche of positive comments from your customers it carries much less weight.  

Recent surveys concluded that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from their own friends.  Online reviews have a MASSIVE impact on our new sales.  And to ignore that, and simply hope and pray for favorable results is just not what savvy business owners do.  

If you'd like to hear about our complete process for soliciting online reviews, monitoring your brand's reputation on a 24/7 basis, and reporting your new reviews and scores,simply Contact Us and we can answer your questions.


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