Case Study

Want to see some real results...from a real client?

Take a look at what we've done in just under a year with a vacation rental brand in Florida's panhandle.  In 6 years of just letting their social media go at it's own speed they had amassed 1,800 fans.  Within 11 months with Stoke Marketing, we had blasted past 20,000 rabid fans, had booking inquiries rolling in through our Facebook channel, and had developed a strong user base of fans.  And we had developed a serious sales channel that was completely independent of the worries of Google Search changes, program changes, etc.

Another vacation brand in South Carolina was having a review crisis on Yelp and other travel sites.  Within one month, we had TRIPLED the amount of reviews they had gotten in the previous YEAR!  They had multiple 5-star reviews to offset the handful of negative comments they had received from one dissatisfied client.

If your brand isn't seeing Likes/Comments in the thousands on your posts, sales conversions coming in through your Facebook and Instagram pages, and 5-star reviews consistently landing on the review sites that matter the most to you then feel free to reach out to us.  We are experts in getting you results, and freeing up time for your Marketing team to focus on higher level tasks within your business.  And all at pennies on the dollar compared to the cost of hiring additional staff.  We're fiercely loyal to our clients, and will never partner with more than one brand in a region.  And we are selectively looking for a few more brands to join the Stoke family.  Contact us today to set up a quick interview to see if you're brand is a fit! 


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